Perception to Perfection


Few years back Rajasthan Tourism has started to work on developing tourism industry as a brand. Being one of the largest tourism industry of India Rajasthan tourism has adopted various advertisement methods to attract tourist throughout the world. They used each and every possible medium of advertisement which got a huge appraisal throughout the world. Through this initiative Rajasthan tourism is awarded as the best tourism film award in Sept. 2017. The advertisement they created ‘Jaane Kya Dikh Jaye’ was based on the Rajasthan theme and the tourist covered in this series of 10-15 ads were from different parts of world as well as country also. The advertisement they created was more than perfect which truly justifies the theme, motive, culture, purpose and created a curiosity about Rajasthan, which let them to google more about it! This is the perfection every advertisers want and expect from advertisement companies. Advertisement not only meant to deliver the information but they also create a curiosity and a trust building factor, faith about the product and the company. Similarly there are many other examples of such advertisements are there like Apple’s Iphone commercial, Frooti’s mango theme ads, Xiomi’s Redmi the way they represent their ads made their brands value more and increases the faith in consumer.


Thorough this case study we will came to know about the perceptions of perfection in advertisement . What people think about advertisement industry. What are the perception of people about Ads, what they want to see, at what time they want to see etc. In the past few years advertisement industry grows into one of the biggest sector and is contributing almost 30-35% in India’s GDP. Going through the history of advertisement its advantages and disadvantages we will came to know about the consumer’s perception of attractiveness, purchase intention, quality about product. This case study also cover ,’How creative advertisement helps in changing the perception of customers about brand and their products’. In the the last case study will be concluded with the summary stating the perception of people related to ads, advertisement industry and media options in today’s world of advertisement.


Initially when the advertisement are started they are just a medium to pass the required information. All the consumer want to know about the product name and its specifications. They hardly care about the design representation of the advertisement at that time. But since time changes, with time people’s perception regarding the design and content of advertisement also changed.  Now they care about the way of representation and creativity used in advertisement. For them it is now the brand value of brand. The modern consumer lives in a world of brands, for brand to stand out in the crowd creativity and perfection is must. Now a days everyone is influenced by the advertisement but we don’t even know how it affect us. In the good old times there were no such mediums of advertisement are available, so advertisers and companies hardly needs to think much about what people think about advertisement. With passing time, investing a 10-15% of revenue in perfect advertisement increase the company sales by 40-50 percent.


Creativity is defines as the divergent thinking ability or out of the box thinking which lets you to stand out of the crowd and make it visible clearly in the crowd also. A study found that most of the people marked creative advertisement as the perfect one. According to them creative advertisement are those advertisements which intelligently describes the product and attract the consumers with its design and representation.  They measure the creativity of advertisement through different ways such as

  • ORIGINALITY – Ad is original when it is different from other, rare or surprising and which is not obvious and common. An ad can diverge from norms or experiences by applying unique visual or verbal solutions, for instance. Many advertising campaigns are anything but original. For example the TIDE washing powder ad. The way the create a white spot on the cloth is the known clip of the advertisement for which it is known by. Although there are many other advertisement brands also but that advertisement is original and different form others.
  • ELABORATIONS – many time ads are elaborated without caring much about the content and the information they are providing. To elaborate an ad a proper content is must needed. For example advertisement of JIO sponsoring IPL is extended one without the use of proper content. That ad is not providing any useful information to the consumers.
  • ARTISTIC VALUE -Ads with a high level of artistic creativity contain aesthetically appealing verbal, visual, or sound elements. Their production quality is high, their dialogue is clever, their color palette is original, or their music is memorable. The design, theme, idea, proper content representation all things should be perfect to deliver the expectations of brand as per its brand value.

The Psychology of Advertisement

Advertisers must have to understand the psychology of consumers. They are much smarter that advertisers and they the reality of content behind the advertisement of a product. They know which brands serve them well and which betrays them. The majority of buyers have similar perception towards the advertisement, and they are –

  • Product Deficiency – This is the thing which is never expected by the consumer, that a company advertised its product on Television or newspaper and they cant even manufacture the stock full of their product which is in limited quantity.
  • Expensive Product – according to customer’s perception of perfection, Expensive product means a quality product. During 2005-2012 airtel call rates are the most expensive one so it is considered as one of the best telecom operator.
  • Worthy Traditional – Old is Gold concept is applicable to this field also. Even the new product with a old way of manufacturing or design is more worthy than the modern built and designed product. Rice and Wine are considered to be more expensive the more time they are stored.
  • Expert Advice – companies like Toyota, Cadbury, Mercedes are considered as a benchmark companies and they are always considered as the expertise one also. Out of two different companies of same product, the one which is oldest and expert in advertising techniques is considered to be more good then the other one.
  • Run in the rat race- If everyone is doing that or if everyone is purchasing that then I will aso prefer that . The most discussed habit of Indian consumers. They believe more on others reviews and advice than itself. For example if everyone is Investing in mutual funds then without understanding the pros and and cons. I also have to invest there only.


The Perfect Advertisement

The calculation of the effectiveness of the advertisement is one of the difficult task for the company. As there is not a direct way to calculate the increase in sales generated due to the advertising campaign. The result of advertisement can be seen in the growth in sales, consumer satisfaction, in the changing habits and lifestyle of society. While designing the advertisement certain basic parameters are kept in mind which helps in making the advertisement perfect –


  • Content – The content used is out of the box and creatively arranged so that people will remember the product and the company associated with it.
  • Relatable advertisement – The commercial should be related to the product, and purely explains about the product uses and specifications in a short and easy manner.
  • Reliable – Over use of creativity also sometimes destroy the content of advertisement. The advertisement of Relaxo Chappals by Salman Khan contains a funny content that a slipper can bear a human weight! Everyone knows that is not possible though. Use of such scrips should be highly avoided.
  • Timing – advertisement of product should be done with the proper seasonal timing. No one takes the interest in ice-cream ads during winters and no one is interested in blankets during hot summers. Sometimes the continuous repetition of ads also irritate the consumer resulting in the decrease in publicity of ad.
  • Informative content – It should contains the proper amount of information needed by the consumer to take the interest in product.


A perfect advertisement always manipulates the mind of the consumer. But that manipulation should be done intelligently for example while reading a magazine a short ad limited to one page will be in a memory for a short period of time. It may happen that reader forget about that till the end of the magazine. So the advertisement should be given in parts throughout the magazine. It fulfill the two purpose : The curiosity of consumer towards advertisement will let him/her to read the entire magazine and it goes through all the advertisement in the middle, also this helps them to remember till his last page of the magazine. Now a days due to increase in advertisement, most of the people hardly see the advertisement on TV and newspaper. So, popular brands started using Hidden advertisement techniques. Apple won’t invest much on TV and newspaper advertisement infact it uses the medium of hidden advertisement. Whenever we see a modern TV or web-series actors/actresses appeared using Apple iPhone, watches, laptops etc. which created a rich image of Apple in front of viewers. Similary with the vehicle they are using, clothing they wear, food they prefer are a means of hidden and intelligent advertisement. Perception of consumers depend on what they see, what they hear, what they taste. It varies with changing time and changing environment and people. One cannot rely on such things to make its business grow.


Companies need not only to produce good quality products, but also the consumers should be informed about its specifications and details as well. They should be given a complete detailed guideline how to use the product with a blend of creativity and cost saving solutions. The medium to connect consumers and companies is advertisement. It is the only medium to pass the information to consumer so that they will buy the product. The success of any company will depend on their customers. So they have to understand the need of their customers first, and have to take decisions after knowing the reviews of their customers. If a brand wants to stand out in the world then it has to be perfect. For the customers not only the advertisement should be perfect but also the product should be up to that mark. Then only their perception about the brand will change. People prefer to watch advertisement of that company or product whose perception is perfect in their mind and to create that advertisement should be done according by doing proper research about the time, season, place, and selecting the most convenient medium of advertisement.